Pork, apple & fennel sausage rolls


These little treats are a great pre-Christmas party nibble! Packed with free-range pork mince, Granny smith apple, braised fennel and Christmas spices all rolled in super crunchy butter puff pastry and served with our house made tomato-chutney. Each pack contains 18 mini rolls and they only take 15 minutes to bake and serve. We suggest you serve them with classic tomato sauce or our house-made tomato chutney

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SIZE: 18 pieces
INGREDIENTS SAUSAGE ROLLS:  Pork, apple, fennel, breadcrumbs (wheat) egg, parsley, speck, butter puff pastry, sesame seeds, mint, salt, pepper, all spice.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Refresh in the oven, serve with tomato chutney (see menu)
DIETARY: Contains: dairy| egg |gluten | seeds

** If you have any questions relating to this product, ingredients of dietary questions please email our team at kateringathome