About Katering at Home

Our Story

When Kate and Mark White opened Katering 25 years ago they threw themselves wholeheartedly into what was to become one of the most enduring and successful catering and event management companies in Sydney.  Visit KATERING

Katering at Home, the brainchild of Kate and Mark White is our new adventure; Kate and Mark are well aware how busy life can be. The idea for Katering at Home came directly from raising a family of four children whilst operating a successful, busy business which, to this day is no easy task!

The Katering kitchen is backed up by a team of experienced chefs, pastry chefs and kitchen staff who have been part of the Katering family for many years. We test and produce all food on site in our large state of the art commercial kitchen in Surry Hills.

At Katering at Home, we endeavour to fulfil the demand for not only healthy, delicious home cooked meals for family and friends but menus specifically designed so that customers can easily choose a section of main meals, sides, roast, BBQ items and sweet treats to be utilised within the weekly family shop or especially for that night last minute dinner party with friends. No messy cooking involved, just beautiful, delicious food cooked and ready to re heat and serve.

Our meals are designed with minimal cooking involved so that you can easily prepare, refresh or reheat them at home. When ordering check the description button. All re heating instructions, dietary guidelines and ingredients are provided on the meal sticker.

We update our web site each weekend with a selection of weekly menus, sides, slow roasts family meals, sauces, stocks, loaf cakes tarts and biscuits. All of which, can be utilised in the weekly meal planning.

We also provide a Katering at Home Cooking Helpline call back service open 7 days a week. You can call us with any questions in relation to your order.

We believe that eating is about enjoyment and health, bringing family’s together, creating an experience and enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures; Food!