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Gingerbread Tree Decoration Kit$35.00
Steak Diane with Rosemary & Garlic Smashed Chat Potatoes$45.00
Char-grilled sumac chicken spring bowl with chickpea, feta and mint salad$38.00
Beef & Chorizo Empanadas with dipping sauce (options: Beef & Chorizo Empanadas)$38.00
Wild Mushroom & Provolone Arancini (options: Wild Mushroom & Provolone Arancini)$38.00
Leek & Maffra Cheddar Croquettes (options: Leek & Maffra Cheddar Croquettes)$35.00
Tropical Punch Cocktail Mixer$35.00
Lamb & Harissa Sausage Rolls with Tomato Sauce (options: Lamb & Harissa Sausage Rolls)$52.00
Chicken & Tarragon Pockets with House Made Tomato Sauce (options: Chicken & Tarragon Pockets)$59.00
Pork & Cabbage Gyoza with Dipping Sauce (options: Pork & Cabbage Gyoza)$75.00
Sesame Prawn Toast with Sweet & Sour Sauce (options: Sesame Prawn Toast)$75.00
Spicy Beef Vindaloo (size: SMALL)$18.00
Spicy Beef Vindaloo (size: MEDIUM)$30.00
Indian Butter Chicken (size: SMALL)$18.00
Spinach & Ricotta Dumplings (size: MEDIUM)$30.00
Spinach & Ricotta Dumplings (size: LARGE)$60.00
Veal and pork cannelloni (size: LARGE)$62.00
Veal and pork cannelloni (size: FAMILY)$72.00
Veal and pork cannelloni (size: MEDIUM)$32.00
Veal and pork cannelloni (size: SMALL)$18.00
Gluten-free lasagne (size: LARGE)$60.00
Gluten-free lasagne (size: MEDIUM)$34.00
Gluten free panko chicken nuggets (type: GLUTEN FREE)$19.50
Chicken, wild mushroom and spinach lasagne (size: LARGE)$55.00
Chicken, wild mushroom and spinach lasagne (size: MEDIUM)$32.00
Garlic & herb ciabatta bread (each: PACK OF 2)$10.50
Macadamia crusted salmon with green olive & herbs$38.00
Asian Ginger Broth (each: EACH)$12.50
Roasted red pepper, tomato & olive simmer sauce$16.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $1000)$1,000.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $950)$950.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $900)$900.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $850)$850.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $800)$800.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $750)$750.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $700)$700.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $650)$650.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $600)$600.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $550)$550.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $350)$350.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $500)$500.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $450)$450.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $400)$400.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $100)$100.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $300)$300.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $250)$250.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $200)$200.00
Gift Card (gift-card-amount: $150)$150.00
Raspberry & Pomegranate Cocktail Mixer$35.00
Beef Quesadillas (ready for the sandwich press)$20.00
Thai Pumpkin Soup (size: MEDIUM)$28.00
Lamb shoulder ragout sauce 500g (each: EACH)$25.00
Beef and vegetable pies (pack of 4) (each: PACK OF FOUR)$45.00
Wild mushroom risotto with goat curd & thyme$36.50
Salmon, dill & potato patties$28.00
Garlic naan bread (2 pack) (each: PACK OF 4)$12.50
Classic Christmas fruit cake$50.00
Weekly Christmas pudding 1.1kg$60.00
Classic Fruit Mince Pies$40.00
Classic beef lasagne (size: LARGE)$62.00
Classic beef lasagne (size: SMALL)$18.00
Classic beef lasagne (size: FAMILY)$72.00
Classic beef lasagne (size: MEDIUM)$32.00
Basmati spiced rice (each: EACH)$8.50
Sri lankan prawn curry (size: MEDIUM)$37.50
Sri lankan prawn curry (size: SMALL)$19.50
Bolognese Sauce (size: MEDIUM)$32.00
Bolognese Sauce (size: SMALL)$73.00
Chicken tikka masala (size: SMALL)$18.00
Chicken tikka masala (size: MEDIUM)$32.00
Roast pork with kumara and sage gratin (gf, serves 4)$120.00
Tomato Chutney$14.00
Pumpkin and spinach cannelloni (size: MEDIUM)$30.00
Boscaiola pasta sauce (each: EACH)$17.00
Puttanesca sauce$14.00
Chicken Quesadillas (ready for the sandwich press)$20.00
Glazed leg ham sliced$22.00
Nonie's gluten free bread selection (bread-selection: Light Golden Bread)$20.00
Nonie's gluten free bread selection (bread-selection: Seedy Brown Bread)$20.00
Nonie's gluten free bread selection (bread-selection: Activated Charcoal & Quinoa Bread)$20.00
Mexican beef nachos kit$38.00
Chicken Enchiladas (size: MEDIUM)$28.00
Iggy's 1/2 sourdough loaf$10.50
Free range eggs (each: DOZEN)$13.00
Gourmet fruit granola$20.00
Chicken Marbella with wild rice salad & yoghurt dressing$39.50
Macaroni, cheese and bacon pasta bake (size: LARGE)$55.00
Macaroni, cheese and bacon pasta bake (size: MEDIUM)$30.00
Macaroni, cheese and bacon pasta bake (size: SMALL)$16.00
Panko crumbed barramundi fish goujons (selection: EACH)$29.50
Ultimate vegetarian lasagne (size: SMALL)$17.50
Ultimate vegetarian lasagne (size: LARGE)$55.00
Ultimate vegetarian lasagne (size: MEDIUM)$30.00
Italian meatballs with pangrattato (size: MEDIUM)$32.00
Malaysian Beef Rendang Curry (size: MEDIUM)$29.00
Malaysian Beef Rendang Curry (size: SMALL)$16.50
Chicken Provencal Casserole$35.50
Chicken and leek family pie$35.00
Banana loaf$20.00
Basil pesto sauce$14.00
Napolitana Sauce$12.00
Panko chicken nuggets (each: EACH)$18.50
Greek moussaka (size: MEDIUM)$32.00

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