Vegetable tray bake with agresto sauce – (v, gf, side)


A selection of seasonal vegetables pre-baked and ready to heat and served with Christmas dinner. Designed to feed 8 as part of a share table. Just top onto a serving platter and serve with herby agresto sauce. 

Scroll down for ingredient and dietary information 


SIZE: 1.5 Feeds 8 adults as a side
COOK: Oven
INGREDIENTS TRAY BAKE: Baby red beetroot, golden beetroot, garlic, sweet potato, carrots, parsnip, red onion, rosemary, zucchini
INGREDIENTS AGRESTO: Basil, parsley, almonds, walnuts, dijon, verjus, spinach, olive oil.
SHELF LIFE: 5 days depending on storage
DIETARY: Contains nuts

** If you have any questions relating to this product, ingredients of dietary questions please email our team at kateringathome