Turkey stuffing (side)


If you have a Turkey on offer this Christmas it’s always lovely to be able to offer a little extra stuffing. This stuffing is based on the recipe we use to fill our Turkey breast and is presented in a tray ready to oven roast. So your guests can enjoy an extra spoonful. With the flavours of sage, date, garlic and sourdough. The tray is 650g and will give everyone at your table an extra spoon of delicious stuffing!

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STORAGE: Fridge or freeze
SIZE: 650g (feeds 6)
COOK: Oven bake
INGREDIENTS: Chicken mince, parsley, breadcrumbs, marjarom, garlic, butter, pitted dates, dried apricots, diced brown onion, egg, lemon zest, nutmeg, salt, pepper
DIETARY: Please see ingredients list
SHELF LIFE: 5 days
SERVING SUGGESTION: A delicious side accompaniment to our Turkey breast

** If you have any questions relating to this product, ingredients of dietary questions please email our team at www.kateringathome.com.au