Whole turkey breast with stuffing & gravy


Fresh free-range turkey breast, brined and stuffed with beautiful chicken, date, apricot and sourdough stuffing finished with a zest of lemon, all neatly vacuum sealed, ready to bake and serve on Christmas day.
We cook the turkey breast sous-vide method in a water bath very slowly till tender. All you have to do is brown in the oven according to the instructions provided, brush with our pre-made cranberry glaze and sprinkle on the delicious pork scratching crumble. Serve with gravy (included) we suggest a pot of our house made Cranberry and port chutney.

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SIZE: 1.5 – 1.8kg approx. Feeds 8 adults
COOK: Oven
INGREDIENTS TURKEY: Free-range Australian turkey breast, chicken, breadcrumb (wheat), herbs, lemon, egg, chicken mince, flour, butter, sugar, apricot, dates, lemon,  salt, yolks, lemon, onion, pepper.
INGREDIENTS CRANBERRY GLAZE: Cranberry, sugar, water, spices, salt
INGREDIENTS CRUMBLE: Brioche, pork , sage, apricots, pistachio
INGREDIENTS GRAVY: Chicken and turkey bones, wine, stock, vegetables, flour, salt, pepper
SHELF LIFE: 7 days depending on storage
DIETARY: Contains egg | gluten | nuts

** If you have any questions relating to this product, ingredients of dietary questions please email our team at kateringathome