Thai chicken patties (GF) (DF)


Before any judgment is passed on these little patties I applaud you to try them. Made with free range local chicken mince and ready to bake straight from frozen they are bite size, convenient and absolutely delicious. They also cook in 10 minutes and are a perfect size for little hands. If you’re looking for a family meal, roll them into balls, roast and pop in lettuce cups with an Asian inspired salad or throw them in a broth with noodles and greens. Containing no chilli or extra seasoning, these little treats sing for themselves. If you want some spice just mix a little chopped chilli and soya sauce and dip away till your heart is content. They are gluten free, dairy free, chilli free and egg free.


SIZE: 500g (12 pieces @40g each)
COOK: Oven
INGREDIENTS: Free range chicken mince, coconut milk, ginger, shallot, coriander, fish sauce, gluten free oyster sauce, coriander, garlic, gluten free self-raising flour.
DIETARY: fish products
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Pop them into lettuce cups or an Asian soup or dip them straight into soya sauce with chilli.