Tasmanian cured salmon gravlax with blinis


This salmon gravlax makes a stunning party platter, especially when presented with a few delicious accompaniments. Your salmon arrives with a creamy horseradish dressing and blini.  Let guests serve themselves while you pop a bottle of crisp, cold champagne.
The salmon is pre-sliced and cryovaced by our chefs and will serve 8-10 as a starter or nibble.


SIZE: 500g
COOK: N/A – Serve cold
INGREDIENTS GRAVLAX: Salmon, sugar, salt, brandy dill, citrus, herbs, lemon, lime, orange, garlic, juniper berry
INGREDIENTS HORSERADISH CREAM: Horseradish, cream, sour cream, salt, pepper
INGREDIENTS BLINI: Flour, salt, water, yeast, butter
DIETARY: Egg free – gluten free – dairy free (except horseradish cream) – nut free
SHELF LIFE: 6 days
SERVING SUGGESTION: Serve with salad or as  a pre-dinner canape on toasts
SHELF LIFE: 1 week

** We can be contacted at kateringathome.com.au if you have an dietary concerns