Chicken tikka masala with naan flatbreads (gf + flatbreads) (C)


This curry is a much loved classic with charred chicken pieces in a rich creamy sauce . It’s  full of flavour and delicious served with a simple bowl of steamed basmati rice and some Indian flatbreads (included) – flatbreads contain wheat
1400g bag feeds 4 adults – MILD CURRY


SIZE: Serves 4 as a main meal – 1400g + breads (not gluten free)
COOK: Stove top/microwave
INGREDIENTS CURRY CHICKEN: Chicken, stock, tomatoes, oil, onions, salt, lemon. ginger, garlic, spices, cream, coriander, yoghurt,  Wheat flatbreads (not gluten free) cashews, almonds
NOTES: Ingredients may vary depending on availability and seasonality
DIETRY: Contains nuts