Classic trifle


Layers of champagne jelly, custard, brandy soaked sponge fingers, whipped cream and fresh berry compote. This trifle is a showstopper. Set in a glass bowl and garnished with berries, passion fruit, mint and all wrapped up with a silk ribbon.

Please note a $10 surcharge has been added to cover the cost of the dish. you can choose to keep the bowl or return the bowl by Jan 20th for a full $10 refund.


SIZE: 1.2ltr feeds 8 people as dessert or 10-12 as part of a share table
STORAGE: Refrigeration required
INGREDIENTS: Champagne, milk, vanilla bean, eggs, butter, mascarpone, flour, passionfruit, raspberries, sugar, cream, gelatine, baking powder, bi-carb soda, brandy.
DIETARY: Contains all the bad stuff but it’s delicious! See ingredients listing. Contains gluten | dairy | eggs
SHELF LIFE: 5 days

** If you have any specific dietary concerns please contact us at



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