Tomato party panzanella salad with burrata (v)


 Splashes of colorful heirloom tomatoes are stirred with crisp watermelon radish and crunchy rustic breadcrumbs and served with a locally made burrata cheese. It’s southern Italy straight to your table. 


SIZE:  serves 8 as part of a share table
INGREDIENTS: Tomatoes of all varieties, beetroot, wheat breadcrumbs, onion, parsley, cucumber, burrata, balsamic, olive oil, mint, basil, radish, chard, salt, pepper, molasses
DIETARY: vegetarian | egg free
SHELF LIFE: 4 days
NOTE: Contains wheat bread (packaged separately) please note vegetables are subject to season and market availability keeping this in mind occasionally we substitute ingredients for similar product.

** Please e mail with any questions or concerns