Interesting green salad (V)(GF)


An interesting green salad, healthy light and wonderfully delicious. Pop this one in the center of the table and showcase all the interesting shades of green summer has to offer. Watercress, butter lettuce, shaved asparagus, parmesan, radish and mint. The best of what Summer has on offer at the markets, all topped off with toasted hazelnuts, and a zesty dressing. 

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SIZE:  serves 6-8 as part of the Christmas share table
INGREDIENTS: Green vegetables, asparagus, mint, herbs, pea, watercress, zucchini, radish, hazelnuts, olive oil, lemon. salt, pepper
DIETARY: vegetarian  – egg free – gluten free – dairy free
SHELF LIFE: 4 days
NOTE: Contains hazelnuts (packaged separately upon request) please note vegetables are subject to season and market availability keeping this in mind occasionally we substitute ingredients for similar product.

** Please e mail with any questions or concerns

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