Tomato tarte tatin, goat cheese and rocket (v)


Fresh heirloom tomatoes are oven dried and placed into a shell with sauteed spinach, caramelised red onion and flaky hand-rolled puff pastry.
Just pop into the oven to heat and flip onto a plate for a delightful meal to share.
Each tart is served with a little pot of goat cheese and rocket and balsamic dressing to serve.


SIZE: 10 inch feeds 8 adults or slice and serve as part of a share table for 10-12
COOK: Oven
INGREDIENTS: Tomato, garlic, caramelised onion, rocket, goat cheese, spinach, salt, pepper, vinegar, flour, sour cream, sugar, egg.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Bake and serve with fresh rocket, goat cheese and dressing
DIETARY:  Vegetarian | tree- nut free | egg free
SHELF LIFE: 5 days

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