Seasonal family fruit & veggie box


This box is a life saver, it’s a perfect gift for a neighbour or elderly parent too. Add one to any of your weekly deliveries and have a weeks worth of fruit and veggies on hand for those in between meals, lunch box snacks and top ups. Convenient if you would rather not have to pop to the shops and all the fruit and vegetables are straight from the markets so this is as fresh as it gets.

See below for a list of inclusions;


Apples red 500g (est 3 -4)
avocado Hass x 2
bananas 500g (est 2 – 3)
beans Green 300g
broccoli 500g
capsicum red x 1
carrots 500g (est 3 – 5)
cucumber punnet baby
lemons x 3
Limes x 3
Lettuce Coss x 1
mandarins 500g (est 6 – 7)
Onions Spanish x 2
Potatoes Desiree 1kg
Tomatoes 1 x punnet cherry
Tomatoes Roma 500g (est 3 -4 )
zucchini 500g (est 2 – 3)
Garlic x 1
Parsley x 1 bunch
Mint x 1 bunch
Strawberries x 1 punnet (if available) grapes

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