Beef and vegetable pasties


Traditional beef and vegetable pasties. Packed with free range beef mince, beef stock, tomato and garden veggies, no additives and no nasties. These pasties are are wrapped up in crunchy butter puff pastry and ready to bake. Serve with tomato sauce and feed your hungry teenagers.  A quick snack for hungry tummies and dinner the kids will actually eat.



STORAGE: 3 months
SIZE: 4 hand pies
COOK: Oven
INGREDIENTS: Butter, olive oil, onion, beef mince, potato, carrot, pumpkin, thyme, worcestershire sauce, parsley, peas, tomato paste, flour, butter, salt, vinegar, egg, sesame, sea salt
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Bake and serve with tomato sauce
DIETARY: Contains egg | Contains gluten