Gifts with heart

Giving is one of the most joyous elements of Christmas. Finding a thoughtful gift a friend or loved one will truly cherish and watching their delight as they untie the ribbon is the essence of the season. Yet the thought of Christmas shopping can elicit a subtle groan. Sometimes, and we’re all guilty of this, we become preoccupied with the hunt for ‘something, anything’ to tick off the list and throw under the tree. When did it all become about the purchase rather than the thought?

All this seems ever more poignant this year in light of the bushfires across the country. Imagine all those families who won’t be spending Christmas in their own home. Perhaps without their favourite pudding recipe, special crockery set, and heirloom decorations. Thinking about all those little Christmas traditions that are wrapped up in a sense of place – like that special bowl the potato salad is served in or the deck everyone retreats to after lunch – breaks our heart.

As we prepared to give to those touched by the fires, we started thinking about our own Katering at Home clientele, who routinely donate a nourishing meal to those in need. Often they give a food delivery to a new mum and dad, elderly relative or grieving friend. It’s a beautiful thing and it made us rethink our own Christmas gifting. So this year, we’ll be righting the wrongs of our gifts of Christmas past and making a return to thoughtful presents, and we encourage you to join us.

Of course, presents are still fun and exciting and there’ll be plenty of them under the tree, but this year, funnel some energy and time into the thought behind them. Rather than spend money on ‘stuff’, we could donate to a charity that is close to a friend’s heart on their behalf. We could teach our children to bake homemade gifts for their own friends and teachers. Or send a family in need a Christmas lunch through Katering at Home. Perhaps it’s someone in-between houses, with a new baby, or who could just do without the stress of cooking a feast this year? You could even gift someone a picnic with their favourite bottle of wine and treats you’ve handmade (naturally, we can help out there).

Because we’re all about thoughtful gifts this year, we’ve created some hampers to help. Our beautiful gingerbread kit is such a lovely way to get the oldest and youngest generations together in the kitchen. The kids and Nan can bake and decorate the gingerbreads to hang on the tree or to give as gifts. Our fruit mince pie hamper also makes a lovely present for teachers and classmates. And if you’re all thought-out for those tricky-to-buy-for people, our spice gift box covers all bases.




But perhaps the most thoughtful gift of all is simply time. It’s relatively cheap, easy to make, and there’s always someone who would just love to spend more time with you. After all, it’s the generosity of spirit that really matters at Christmas.

Happy gifting!