Oodles of veggie noodles

On the menu this week Katering at home has a side dish of zoodles, or rather “zucchini noodles.”  Our chefs are making a delicious zoodle salad with whipped ricotta, toasted pine nuts, garden peas, mint and zesty lemon vinaigrette. This will come as a refreshing side dish to our Turkish chicken skewers that are found on the Weekly Menu. 

Weekly Menu – Katering at Home

Spiralized vegetables have been around for a while now, because they are a fantastic way to add extra veggie into any meal. Packed with vitamins and minerals, low in carbs and starch and tons of flavour!


Don’t feel restricted to just zucchini though, you can spiralize carrot, parsnip, cucumber, broccoli stem, cauliflower stem, beetroot, and sweet potato.





Now that you know you can use nearly any vegetable your heart or dish desires,  its time to create some delicious food!

First off, I would suggest investing in a vegetable spiralizer, you can pick one up in your grocery shopping for as little at $10 or a top of the range $150 automatic spiralizer. I have a little $10 one and it works a treat with a little bit of elbow grease.

There are plenty of ways you can cook your noodles if you aren’t up for eating them raw. Although there are many health benefits to eating your vegetables raw. Here are a few cooking methods that I have found work best:

Just pile up your noodles in a microwave safe bowl and a tablespoon of water in the base and cook in 30 sec increments tossing in between. Cook for 30 second at a time until cooked to your desired texture. I would recommend 1-2 minutes maximum of cooking.

This technique is great If you are already cooking on your stove top, just toss noodles in a table spoon of olive oil and fry for a minute or two on a high temperature.

Boil a pot of water, once your water is at a nice rolling boil drop in your noodles for one minute, strain the noodles and serve. If you like your noodles a bit drier just pat them down with paper towel before serving.

All of these methods and cooking times will depend on the type of vegetable you use. Sweet potato will take longer to cook then your Zucchini but just use your senses to judge the right consistency for your meal. I always air on the side of under-cooked as the veg will continue to cook once removed from your bowl, pan or pot due to the residual heat within the vegetable mass.

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Author Rene Hunter – Marketing