Quick crispy pickles

Preparation time: 30min

6 cups raw vegetables (beetroot, baby carrots, radish, turnips or whatever takes your fancy really)
1 tbsp. coriander seed
1tsp mustard seed
6-10 cloves garlic thinly sliced
few sprigs fresh dill or thyme
pinch celery seeds
1 cup apple cider vinegar
1 cup white wine vinegar
2 cup water
2 tbsp. table salt
5tbsp sugar

Prepare the vegetables by washing them and patting dry with paper towel, slice or quarter.
Bring the water, vinegar, salt and sugar to the boil in a medium size pot. Let sit for a half hour to cool slightly.
Divide the spices evenly between the jars.
Layer the vegetables into the jars with the fresh herbs and garlic slices.
Pour the hot liquid into the sterile jars, making sure to submerge all the vegetables.
Cover with a lid and let cool on the bench.
Store in the fridge – keeps for up to a month